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The Rich Family are back!
The Rich family are playing out again after a long break. We recorded an album
ten years ago that still sounds as fresh as a daisy and you can get it here
at my website. This charming band plays classic country covers from
the 50's 60's and 70's and is my favourite musical thing to do with
my brother Rusty Rich [comic entertainer Rusty Berther],
my first husband [Grammy and Oscar nominated Nashville guitar guru] Rick Plant,
legendary Melbourne roots drummer Ashley Davies and
a special guest flown in from tropical north Queensland our lovely Mum,
singer and ukulele goddess, Noelene Rich.

See ‘shows’ for upcoming gig details.

As you may have guessed I like to mix it up
with different musical projects to ward off
artistic boredom so I’m excited to unveil an early childhood
music programme I’ve created with my pardner Rick Plant.
It’s a CD sound track and songbook with all of the most favourite
original songs from The Mudcake’s shows.
If you have young children and are longing
for rootsy kids music that won't drive you nuts I guarantee
you will enjoy ‘Music for Little Monkeys’

Check it out at the Mudcakes website here.

I've also been enjoying my time as musical director
for two school ukulele ensembles.
I love the ukulele and so I'm excited to
immerse myself in the world of that cute yet
challenging instrument more.

In all my spare time I'll be playing out around Australia
with Ashley Naylor to promote The Grapes' new album
'Western Sun' and also with my band The New Folk Heroes
playing songs from my album ‘Dakota Avenue'
so stay in touch.

Recent Highlights

Ashley Naylor and I have at last released the
grapes' new album 'Western Sun'. It's for people who still
enjoy listening to an album as a body of work.
A concept album gaining amazing
reviews that will take you on a journey.
Go to the website to find out more.




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